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The Wilcraft Amphibious Vehicle is as Awesome as Awesome Gets
February 27, 2014- Brian Belko, Wide Open Spaces
Watch for the Wilcraft amphibious vehicle on a lake near you.​

Tired of lugging all your ice fishing gear out onto your favorite frozen lake, only to have to move it all when the fish aren’t biting? Tired of frigid winter winds forcing you off the ice earlier than you 

Inventors is a series of portrait videos by filmmaker and photographer David Friedman, chronicling the work of contemporary inventors from all walks of life. It offers rare glimpses into the inspiration for their creations, which range from the first digital camera and first video game console to a drive-able amphibious ice-fishing vehicle.
Outdoors: Vehicle for ice fishing navigates land, ice — and water
January 12, 2012- Dennis Anderson, Star Tribune Minneapolis
..."Of course the goal always is not to break through," he said. "I designed it to be an ice fishing machine first and foremost, and that's what it excels at. Two guys on a lake moving from spot to spot, using the hydraulic lifts to lower the body of the machine to the ice and pulling the canvas cover up for warmth. That's what it's made for."

With a 600-pound load capacity, the Wilcraft is built for two anglers and their gear. An auger can be attached to its front end for transport, and the floor has fishing holes that are sealed while the vehicle is in motion.

"The best fishing of winter is always just after first ice forms and before the ice goes out in spring," Roering said. "My dream was to build a machine that made being on the ice at those times possible."


Awards Anchor
Minnesota Inventors Contest 
Gold Medal
Minnesota Inventors Contest 
Robert Starr Award,
Minnesota Inventors Contest 
Gordon Volkenant Award
Innovation Expo 
1st Place - Watchamacallit Contest
Innovation Expo 
2nd Place - Elevator Pitch Contest
Minnesota Inventors Contest 
Robert Starr Award
Minnesota Cup 
North Plain Inventor's Congress 
1st Place
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