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About The Wilcraft

The Wilcraft is an amphibious ice fishing vehicle.

Ice fishing has been around for generations. Over the past 20-30 years, Innovations have made the sport easier and more enjoyable. Thus, we are seeing wonderful growth in the industry. 


​Wilcraft takes an ice fishing vehicle to an entirely new level; there are 4 aspects of the sport Wilcraft greatly improves upon. They are: Easy Access, Convenience, Mobility, Safety, Extended Season, and Comfort. 

Easy Access:  All of your gear is in the vehicle, set up and ready to go. Just step in and drive. Never before has ice fishing been this easy and effortless. Regardless of one's physical ability, Wilcraft offers independence. 

Mobility:  When you’re on the ice, you must be mobile, you must move from spot to spot to find the fish to be productive. There is nothing more efficient at this than The Wilcraft. Traditional equipment requires some degree of loading and unloading at every stop. In The Wilcraft you set your rod down, press a couple switches and move.

Safety:  It Floats. If it should break through it’s very stable in the water and has the unique ability to can climb back onto the ice.  Our winters have been getting warmer and we are seeing thinner ice. We are also experiencing mid-winter thaws and re-freezes- this ruins the integrity of the ice. Needless to say, more and more folks are breaking through with their cars, trucks, ATVs, and on foot.  The cost can be significant- loss of vehicle, loss of equipment, and extraction fees. Of course, a more tragic outcome is  the loss of life (On average, 50 deaths a year in the US).  This doesn’t have to happen anymore. There is now a safer option.  


Extended season: We designed the machine to have light footprint, so we don’t need as much ice as traditional equipment. Wilcraft owners can be on the ice weeks before others, and on late ice, weeks after they’ve thrown in the towel for the season. Early and late ice is the most desirable time to be on the ice as fish are most active. This feature alone offers true value for their investment.

Comfort: An insulated floor under your feet, and an insulated enclosure that sets up in a second. Regardless of weather; wind, snow, or sleet, you will stay warm and dry.


As of 2023, we are in our 17th year of production. The Wilcraft certainly has evolved over the years. Starting our as a 48" wide  12' long vehicle, powered by an 8HP engine, 2 speed transaxle, 2WD, 25" tires- and now a 57"  14'3" vehicle, powered by a 26.5HP Kohler EFI, Hydrostatic drive, selectable 4WD, running on 32"  16" wide rear tires. More room, more comfort, greater capability, and easier operation. 

With the above considered, our commitment to quality has always been top priority. As far as we know, almost all of the machines made are still in operation today. We won't stop here. With the valued feedback from our customers that are using the machine in unimaginable ways, our team continues to refine our product with our users' needs in mind. 

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The Mission

Tom Roering began the project in 1998 out of the desire to ice fish more conveniently and safely. The driving factor was to be able to take his kids fishing without worry, as well as a grandfather who no longer had the physical ability to ice fish. To this day, helping others get onto the ice and enjoy the outdoors is still the primary driving factor.

The History

The development of The Wilcraft began in 1998- deriving from the desire to make ice fishing safer, more accessible, and with unmatched mobility. By the end of 2004, we were able to introduce our design, and it was well received. Manufacturing began in 2005 with the first unit delivered in January of 2006.

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At Wilcraft, we’re dedicated to creating high-quality and reliable products. Our brand is synonymous with quality and performance. If you’re looking to take your ice fishing game to the next level, look no further than The Wilcraft. Contact us to learn more about our products or find a dealer near you.

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