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D. Coleman

It's the best way to ice fish. They're so versatile & perfect for hunting in or out of water. Made very well & solid!!! Love it!!!!

B. Schmidt

I have been using my Wilcraft everyday I can. Thank you Tom for this amazing machine, You guys are great. I am very happy with the overall ability of what my Wilcraft is able to do.

C. Harbaugh

Could not be happier with the Wilcraft. Fast easy setup and amazing performance. Keep up the good work Wilcraft.

Kenny and John Martinson

My dad, John Martinson, was one of the first guys lucky enough to own a Wilcraft. His involvement with adaptive sportsman put him in touch with the inventor, and without this machine, I don't think he would risk going out on hard water. Ever since his accident, which left him confined to a wheelchair,  he would always otherwise pass on the ice fishing season.

I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for giving him a tool to pursue an old passion! This machine virtually eliminates a risk that would keep him locked up in a house if you guys never came up with this idea. It gives him freedom, even in the dead of winter!

G. Worosylo

I am 71, live in upstate New York and am on my second Wilcraft. I absolutely love ice fishing, look forward to it all year long and could go on for pages and pages about my Wilcraft adventures.

You know sometimes when you run across something that gets you so excited, you
can’t wait to share it with someone because you know what the reaction is going to be? Next to fishing in this incredibly engineered and crafted machine, I enjoy sharing it with others nearly as much.

Simply put, there is no easier, faster, safer, more reliable, more productive or more fun way to icefish in vehicle than a Wilcraft. Period.

You will not find a person that is more dedicated to achieving a superior design, building a quality product and following up a sale with friendly, professional and timely service than Tom Roering. Period.

B. Miller

Tom is one of the most customer service oriented company owners I have ever worked with and the new wilcraft is incredible. If you're on the fence about purchasing one, Just do it... you won't regret it, the machine is incredible and Tom is always willing and available to answer questions and help you out as a new owner. Top notch company!

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