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The Wilcraft Receives Investment Offer From Bode Miller

President and Inventor of The Wilcraft, Tom Roering, Receives $400,000 Offer from Olympian Bode Miller on Tuesday’s Episode of Adventure Capitalists on CNBC

North Saint Paul, MN: The Wilcraft, the amphibious ice fishing vehicle company that has been headquartered in North Saint Paul for the last 11 years, has received an offer of $400,000 from Olympian Bode Miller on the episode of Adventure Capitalists that aired last night on CNBC at 10pm. Miller’s offer was $400,000 for 20% equity in the company. Miller also requested a board seat along with preferred share voting rights, which would ultimately give him control of the company. Miller’s offer values The Wilcraft at $2 million.

“It was a great honor to have been selected to participate on Adventure Capitalist; it was an incredible experience to have worked with such talented professionals. We couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome,” said Tom Roering, President, The Wilcraft.

Adventure Capitalists is designed to give entrepreneurs the chance to showcase their products in the environment it was designed for, which in The Wilcraft’s case is the ice. Roering traveled with two Wilcrafts to Banff, Canada during the first week of April. Investors Jeremy Bloom, Shawn Johnson East, Dhani Jones, and Bode Miller tested out The Wilcraft before beginning the negotiations. Both Jones and Miller gave offers, with Roering verbally accepting Miller's on the show. The producers were so impressed with the vehicle that they used it to help film a segment of the show featuring another product.

Miller is considered the most successful male American alpine ski racer of all time. He is known for having won six Olympic medals and 33 individual FIS world cup races in all 5 disciplines. He has been involved in several different companies, most notably Aztech Mountain, a performance sportswear company with its roots in skiing. Miller became a partner of Aztech Mountain in September 2016. “Bodie was a great fit for our company, his knowledge and understanding of the ice fishing culture was very evident. His laid back personality mirrors ours; he is someone we will certainly enjoy working with,” said Roering of his possible new partner.

Tom Roering began working on The Wilcraft in 1998 out of the desire to ice fish more conveniently and to be safe. The driving factor was to be able to take his kids fishing without worry, as well as a grandfather who no longer had the physical ability to ice fish by traditional means. To this day, helping people get onto the ice and enjoy the outdoors is still the primary driving factor. By the end of 2004, he was able to introduce the design; it was well received. Manufacturing began in 2005 with the first unit delivered in January of 2006. Roering is optimistic about The Wilcraft’s future, “After experiencing double digit growth over each of the last couple years, and the weather conditions playing into our hands and now this year with our possible relationship with Bodie, we are about to experience some explosive growth.”                                                                           

February 27, 2014- Brian Belko, Wide Open Spaces

Watch for the Wilcraft amphibious vehicle on a lake near you.

Tired of lugging all your ice fishing gear out onto your favorite frozen lake, only to have to move it all when the fish aren’t biting? Tired of frigid winter winds forcing you off the ice earlier than you would like? Well your prayers have been answered in the form of the Wilcraft.

The Wilcraft is an amphibious vehicle designed with four things in mind: access, mobility, safety and extending the time you can spend fishing, hunting or enjoying the outdoors....

January 3, 2013

'Inventors' is a series of portrait videos by filmmaker and photographer David Friedman, chronicling the work of contemporary inventors from all walks of life. It offers rare glimpses into the inspiration for their creations, which range from the first digital camera and first video game console to a drive-able amphibious ice-fishing vehicle.

January 12, 2012- Dennis Anderson, Star Tribune Minneapolis

..."Of course the goal always is not to break through," he said. "I designed it to be an ice fishing machine first and foremost, and that's what it excels at. Two guys on a lake moving from spot to spot, using the hydraulic lifts to lower the body of the machine to the ice and pulling the canvas cover up for warmth. That's what it's made for."

With a 600-pound load capacity, the Wilcraft is built for two anglers and their gear. An auger can be attached to its front end for transport, and the floor has fishing holes that are sealed while the vehicle is in motion.

"The best fishing of winter is always just after first ice forms and before the ice goes out in spring," Roering said. "My dream was to build a machine that made being on the ice at those times possible."

Awards Wilcraft won:

Innovation Expo 2007-First place Whatchamacallit Contest

Second Place Elevator Pitch Contest

Minnesota Inventors Congress 2006- Gordon W. Voklenant Memorial Award

Minnesota Inventors Congress 2008- Robert Starr Award

The Minnesota Cup 2008- Finalist

Northern Plains Inventors Congress Marketplace 2008- First Place Invention Contest

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