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Wilcraft Ice

Never before has a product addressed and improved upon so many aspects of ice fishing.

Never before has it been this easy to get out onto the frozen lake with all your gear.

Never before has it been this quick to move to a new location.

Never before has a vehicle been able to extend your ice fishing season.

Never before has your ice fishing shelter offered multi-sport use.

Never before has a machine offered more value for the money

Custom configurations are always available.

A complete ice fishing, hunting, and open water system offering convenience, mobility, safety and accessibility.
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Wilcraft Fishing-0095

Price starting at $19,630

Click here for vehicle specs.

2022 Options

Custom painting, vinyl wrap and rigging available.

Hydrostatic 2WD EXT

Hydrostatic 4WD EXT

Hydrostatic 4WD EXT Dual Pump

Available in Tan or White

12 Volt LED Rope Lighting

Side Seat

Side wall close cell foam inserts

Bench Mount Folding Seat

Auger Mounts

Front Tire Skis

Tire Studs

32x 15- 15 Rear Tires

Travel/Storage Cover

Bow Assembly

Twin Layer Enclosure Skin

Insulated Enclosure Skin

Camouflage Twin Layer Enclosure Skin

Camouflage  Insulated Twin Layer Enclosure Skin

Carpeted Hull Side Walls

Ready to order your Wilcraft? Contact us or visit one of our dealers.

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