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Wilcraft Hunt & Fish 4WD

Getting to the right spot has never been easier.

Getting setup for the hunt has never been faster.

Retrieval of waterfowl has never been simpler.

Enjoying the hunt has never been more comfortable.

Hunt with independence like never before.

Custom configurations are always available. The most popular package is shown below

Wilcraft Ice/Hunt EXT

For the angler and hunter looking for the latest, cutting edge technology that gives the ultimate edge
WILCRAFT Hunting-0040
Ben Johnson1-1
WILCRAFT Hunting-0069
WILCRAFT Hunting-0068

4WD EXT Hydro-Static Drive

Insulated Twin Layer Camo Hunting Blind

Enclosure Frame Assembly

32" Super High Flotation Rear Tires

2 Folding Wilcraft Seats

Auger Mounts

Interior LED

A complete ice fishing, hunting, and open water system offering convenience, mobility, safety and accessibility.
The insulated enclosure and custom seats offer greater comfort and warmth.
The 32" tires and ski combo on the 2WD models dramatically increase your snow ability. The added buoyancy and tread of these tires aids in the water to land maneuver.
The 4WD pulls you through the swamps and from the water back onto land with ease.
The driving front tires give you maneuverability and control in open water.

Pictures shown with optional camo wrap. Custom painting and rigging available.

Photo 3: photo credit to Ben Johnson

Other photos: Spicy Meatball Photography

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