The Wilcraft

Wilcraft Ice Fishing and HuntingThe Vehicle

The Wilcraft is an ice fishing rig; it's the latest thing on the ice. There are four main aspects of the sport that Wilcraft greatly improves upon:

We all know it takes quite an effort to get your equipment and shelter on the ice and set up. With the Wilcraft — step in — twist the key — twist the throttle and you're on the lake; effortless... On the spur of the moment you can decide to catch that evening bite and a half hour later head back home.

It takes a fair amount of time to ready yourself every time you want to move. With the Wilcraft, the top opens in one motion and in an instant, the hull raises with the press of a couple switches, in a matter of seconds you're on your way. You are able to fish a lake more effectively and efficiently than ever before.

The Wilcraft has a water tight hull and sealable fishing holes, in short, it floats. As you travel across the lake, the confidence and piece of mind it give you is amazing.

The Wilcraft's extremely light footprint will have you on the ice well before others and all the way through late ice, even after the ice is pulling away from shore. Even after the ice is gone, this ice house does not have to be mothballed, there is a verity of utility tasks it can be used for. With a camouflaged top; be it woods, water, or field, it's a hunting rig with many of the same merits as with the ice fishing application.

Wilcraft, plain and simple, is a tremendous value.